Information for New Archers

Information for those just starting out on their archery journey. I've done the course, now what? We're sure you have a lot of questions about moving on from the first couple of weeks you've done already. Hopefully, this page will answer some of those questions.

There are so many different types of archery to choose from - and bows, too - and it can be hard to know where to start. Now you've had some experience with a recurve bow, but there are other types, too. Compound bows, long bows, crossbows, horse bows, Asian style bows, the list goes on. Even among these bows, there are different styles of archery, too. With a recurve bow you can shoot "Olympic style", with sights and stabillisers and all the other bits and pieces, or barebow (with no sights or anything else).

The interenet, esepecially YouTube and Reddit are a great resource for researching any of these options.

Jake Kaminski is an American Olympic archer and his YouTube channel has a wealth of information - for those just starting out, as well as for those who've been shooting for a while. Ashe Morgan is an English archer who has represented Britian all over the world and his YouTube channel also has some fantastic information.

This is a copy of the document emailed to anyone completing the beginners course with information on buying your first recurve bow.

What about stabilisers?

Stabilisers are a helpful piece of equipment to aid in increasing your accuracy. But what should you get? How long or heavy should your stabiliser be? If you're interested in finding out more, check out this page for information on stabilisers for recurve bows and this page for information on stabilisers for compound bows.

Helpful Documents

List of Official Archery Rounds:

Want to register for a club shoot, but are not sure what round to register for? This document is a handy reference guide for all the official archery rounds. It even includes the Oz Bow rounds.

Buying Your First Recurve Bow:

This is a copy of the document that was sent to anyone completing the beginners' course, containing information on buying your first recurve bow.

Finger Tab Size Chart:

Want to buy a finger tab, but don't know what size to get? This chart will help. Print it out - make sure you set your printer settings to print at 100% - and place your palm over the image to get an idea of what size tab to order.